Welcome AMCOM Managers

This web page provides performance management tools referenced during our class. The goal of these resources is to support supervisors in the implementation of the Performance Management Process at AMCOM.

Supervisory Best Practices for Performance Management at AMCOM

This document (PDF) provides a summary of the best practices developed by AMCOM supervisors attending the course. The best practices represent what AMCOM supervisors are currently practicing or see themselves practicing in the near-term.

AMCOM Best Practices for Perf Mgmt


Developing SMART Goals

Use the tool to draft performance goals for individual employees. Also, the tool can be used to engage the employee in drafting the initial goal and then the employee and manager can discuss what is needed to finalize the goal.

Writing Performance Objectives Tool


Individual Development Plan

This tool is used to support SMART goal development. It includes a scenario to support educating employees on SMART Goal planning and development. The scenario supports helping an employee develop an individual development plan.

IDP Planning and SMART Goal Tool


Coaching Tools

The coaching supports support assessing and evaluating performance, planning the next steps, facilitating the coaching session and a debrief assessment by the manager. The tool can support addressing a performance gap as well as employee development.

Employee Dev Planning and Coaching Tool

Coaching Session Tool

Poor Performance Guidebook


Addressing and Resolving Poor Performance – A Guide for Supervisors

This online resource is authored by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Office of Workforce Relations.

Note: Consult with your Human Resource personnel for the applicability of specific guidelines for your Agency.