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We are Management Resource Services, an independent firm contracted to lead your upcoming ‘Leading Team and Team Dynamics’ training session. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey on Team Effectiveness so we can capture and address your needs and concerns as we develop the course content.

The Survey

1. Members have a sense of Team Identity.

2. Team members are actively committed to the team's overall success.

3. It is clear who the members are on the team.

4. The team has a clear Vision of what it is supposed to do.

5. The team's activities are guided by a clear Mission Statement or Team Charter.

6. All team members agree on the goals of the team.

7. Team members understand cross-functional roles and responsibilities at their location.

8. Members understand how their team goals relate to the overall success of the Agency.

9. Each team member clearly understand his/her defined role.

10. This team is promptly informed of changes in policy or new developments set by the leadership team.

11. Team members trust the direction of the leadership team at the Agency.

12. The team leaders are effective in establishing strategic directives such as goal setting and assigning responsibilities for the team.

13. The leadership team supports the team leader in getting the team to be successful.

14. All members fully participate on the team.

15. Members are very supportive of one another.

16. Team members accept constructive comments from other members.

17. Team members at virtual locations actively participate in meetings and activities.

18. Adequate action is taken to ensure full participation of virtual team members.

19. Virtual members do their part to keep themselves up-to-date on project activities.

20. Team members clearly define the scope of the problem before starting work.

21. The team considers a range of solutions from cross-functional members before taking action.

22. The team always makes timely decisions.

23. The whole team is involved in making most decisions that impact the team.

24. Downward communication from the leadership team is at the right level to support the team's work.

25. Organizational changes and reasons why are communicated in a timely fashion.

26. All members express their feelings freely.

27. Team members work hard to keep virtual members informed at all stages of the project.

28. Members are willing to engage each other in dialogue to discuss opposing views.

29. Differences in project related issues are openly discussed and resolved.

30. Personal conflicts arise and are addressed between team members.

31. There is trust among team members.

32. I have good working relations with my virtual team members.

33. Morale on this team is high.

34. Team members actively support each other regardless of their role.

35. Relationships among team members allow us to effectively work through our differences.

36. Team members respect each other.

37. I enjoy being a member of this team.

38. I am proud to be a member of this team.

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