This DiSC on Catalyst Training Tutorials web page contains on-demand training for clients preparing to integrate DiSC Workplace training using the Catalyst Platform. The Catalyst Platform was announced by Wiley & Sons in July 2020 to support clients who are transitioning their traditional classroom training to a platform supporting virtual/online and on-demand environments.  The tutorials on this page are categorized by a single topic area allowing trainers and facilitators to learn in small snippets. We recommend trainers complete all the tutorials over time to build their knowledge thereby maximizing the benefits and functionality provided through this platform. Revisit this page periodically for updates.

Tutorial #1 – Assign DiSC Catalyst Access Code

This tutorial provides instructions for EPIC administrators and trainers who assign access codes for the new DiSC on Catalyst assessment. You will be given two scenarios. The first is to assign a new access code to a learner who has not previously taken the DiSC Workplace assessment. The second scenario is for a learner who has previously completed the Workplace assessment. The previous workplace report will be reserved and the leaner will respond to a shorter survey. Note, the learner’s initial dot on the DiSC map will not change.

Tutorial #2 – Walk-Through of the Catalyst Platform

The video provides a detailed walkthrough of the catalyst platform using the Everything DiSC Workplace Report. You will learn how to access the platform and key navigation tidbits to move about the platform. Note, overall time additional Everything DiSC products, i.e., management, conflict, etc., will be added to the Catalyst Platform enabling products to be available to learners using a digitized/online format.


Tutorial #3 – Preview of the Facilitation Guide

This tutorial provides an overview of how to index the Facilitator’s Guide for DiSC Workplace on Catalyst. First, you will need to update your Workplace Facilitation Kit to get access to the new Catalyst Facilitation materials, i.e., PowerPoint(TM) slide deck, videos, facilitation guide, etc.

Visit the website below to update your kit. You will need your kit’s serial number. Contact us if you need us to look up your serial number. Also, if you want to purchase a kit, please contact us to place your order. The new kit will contain the updated Catalyst materials.



DiSC Catalyst FAQ

This FAQ was published on January 4, 2020 and provides the latest information on the DiSC on Catalyst solution.


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