NCA Mentor Feedback

This survey requests your experience from the conference calls you held with your protege.

Your response will help NCA in assessing the overall effectiveness of our Mentor-Protege program.

Please complete no later than July 10, 2018.

Thank you very much for your time

Mentoring Feedback Survey

1. How many conference calls were held through June 30?

2. Were agendas developed for at least 85% of the meetings?

3. Were the conference calls a good use of your time?

4. What makes them beneficial?

5. How can the conference calls be improved?

6. List growth or developmental opportunities addressed during the calls.

7. The Protege is making progress towards his/her IDP goals.

8. The Protege is making progress towards his/her Developmental Assignments beyond the IDP.

9. The Protege is making progress towards executing the full duties of a Cemetery Director.

10. Rate the effectiveness of your Mentor-Protege Pair to resolve issues to everyone's satisfaction.

11. Rate the overall effectiveness of your Mentor-Protege Relationship.

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