IASA – Fall Administrators’ Academy

Are you looking to complete your Administrators’ Academy this fall?

Are you looking for a Team Development Session for your Leadership Team?

Interpersonal Communication Skills for School Administrators – AA#988

We are partnering with Management Resource Services, Inc.–a professional development company that facilitates programs for school administrators across Illinois–to host our fall professional development session. Please join us!

This academy is ideal for administrators looking to  sharpen awareness of strengths and challenges of their leadership style.  Each administrator will complete a DiSC® on-line assessment via the web and receive a 20-page personalized Feedback Report. The outcome will help enhance skills to improve communication, ease frustration and manage conflict so school administrators are more effective in their leadership roles achieving personal effectiveness and team performance.

This academy is also ideal for in-tact teams to understand how to work with each other better. And following the session, team members will have the capability to generate DiSC(R) Comparison Reports to foster dialogue supporting team development. Bottom line, it can be a great team building experience. Ultimately, the session provides a non-judgmental language for exploring the different styles on school leadership teams and leaves you with strategies and tools to have better interactions with each style.

Register today for You and your School Leadership Team. It can change the dynamics of your team and be an eye-opening experience for everyone.


WHEN:  October 26, 2018

WHERE:   Eisenhower Cooperative, Crestwood, IL.


Contact: Melissa Arney, marney@iasaedu.org, 217.753.2213



Comments from previous Administrator Attendees…

“Hi Gwen and Michael,
Thanks for the wonderful presentation last Thursday. I was inspired to try to pay attention to those behaviors that need to be changed to be more effective in my job. It will be a real growth process. You did a great job of organizing the course, honoring our different profiles and encouraging us to work on behaviors as opposed to feeling like we needed to change who we are. I appreciated your sense of humor and partnership, you demonstrated how different styles can complement each other to make a very effective presentation.
Thanks again,”


“Thank you for your enlightening presentation. It was enlightening, but, more importantly, I left with a feeling of hope! I was convinced that I could not do anything to change my communication style. I think that there are many things that I can do better!

Most sincerely,”



“Good evening [Gwen,]

I thank you for the enjoyable class. It has proved beneficial for team members that attended. We were able to develop a plan that will be used for enhanced communication within our departments. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself through the Personal Profile System Report.”



“I would like to thank you both for a wonderful conference. There are times when I have attended conferences and just put the book on the shelf to never be looked at again. This is definitely NOT the case this time. I ….shared all the information ….with my school principal today. I am looking forward to tackling the different dynamics of my staff members in August! A fantastic job!!”