NASA – Interpersonal Skills

NASA – Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace

Welcome NASA Class Participants.

Facilitators: Michael and Gwen Onatolu


Telephone: 630-983-7607

This page provides resources for your use.

This webpage is your resource for supplemental information discussed during our Interpersonal Skills Training. We encourage you to reflect on these documents as you seek to enhance your  interpersonal effectiveness in both professional and personal settings.

Again, thank you for being a GREAT class and for your willingness to share your personal stories which helped everyone connect to the concepts.

We welcome hearing from you!

Michael and Gwen Onatolu


The link below provides OPM defined leadership competencies by proficiency levels. Be sure to explore the competencies relating to interpersonal skills.


Additional Resources for core competencies, including Interpersonal Skills:


During our discussions, performance-based interviews came up. Below is a list of typical PBI questions to ponder when preparing for an interview.

PBI Targeted Questions