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Everything DiSC Assessments 

Everything DiSC Workplace Report
Everything DiSC Workplace Report

We offer many web-based assessment products to enhance learning and personal development.  Our assessments are designed to help individual contributors through senior managers. These customized reports will provide your team with a heightened awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches as well as strategies for growth. Our assessments start with self-scoring reports through the multi-rater 350 feedback report.

We can partner with you to select the right assessments for your team, including recommending assessments to support existing training programs and development initiatives. Click the link above to preview the latest DiSC products, including sample profile reports and sample training videos.

Certification: We can set up trainer certification sessions for your staff. These sections are available in-person or by virtual sessions and conducted by Wiley & Sons Certification Staff.


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Five Behaviors(TM) Assessment and Resources

Five Behaviors Personal Development Report
Five Behaviors Personal Development Report

Creating a culture of teamwork is one of the greatest challenges organizations are facing today. The program is based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. The model in the book outlines the core behaviors —Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results— of high-performing teams.

This program should be implemented as a Team Development Initiative which can include some training. Consider this approach to build stronger teams and address real issues that are impeding your teams. It is a simple model that’s powerful and challenging for teams to experience together.   Its a core stimulus for achieving real progress and dealing with issues within the team.

Accreditation Training: We can set up facilitator accreditation sessions for your staff. These sections are available in-person or by virtual sessions and conducted by Wiley & Sons Certification Staff.

Get Sample Reports: The Five Behaviors of a Team Products





MRS is a Five Behaviors Authorized Partner

EPIC Sub-Account – Administer Assessments In-House

EPIC Administration

Do you want to manage the administration of your assessments in-house? Our EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) Sub-Account allows you to do so. You can manage both the Everything DiSC assessments and the 5 Behaviors assessments in this web-based account. You control what assessments are added in your EPIC Account and can replenish your account anytime by simply emailing us to purchase additional ‘EPIC Credits’, the currency used to generate assessments.

You also have the opportunity to purchase EPIC Credits in varying quantities to take advantage of our bulk pricing list. We set the account up for you at no charge when you purchase at our minimum threshold and provide free training and on-going support for your administrator. The administrator can assign access codes and organize reports by teams, departments, divisions or classroom sessions. The administrator can manage 360 programs, generate group reports for teams, facilitator reports by classroom and much more.

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