VA-NCA 2017 Protege Site Visit Survey

This survey requests your experience from your Cemetery site visit(s) and Leadership project(s).

Please complete no later that July 15, 2016.

Thank you very much for your time.

Measurement and Evaluation Report

1. What activities were you involved with during your site visit(s) (e.g. met with budget office, worked with the foreman marking headstones, attended vendor meeting, etc)?

2. In your opinion, how will you rate the importance of these experiences in your professional development as a Cemetery Director?

3. What were your most valuable experiences from this/these visit(s)?

4. What were your least valuable experiences from this/these visit(s)?

5. Describe the lessons-learned from this/these visit(s)?

6. Was/were the site visit(s) a good use of your time?

7. Was a Leadership project (were Leadership projects) assigned during your visit(s)?

8. Describe your leadership project(s).

9. Was/were the Leadership project(s) successful?

10. If Yes, what made it/them successful?

11. If No, what impeded its/their success(es)?

12. Would you recommend this/these Leadership project(s) to future protege candidates?

13. Did the Leadership project(s) relate to a goal (goals) listed in your IDP?

14. If Yes, list the goal(s).

15. If No, list non-IDP development opportunities that were addressed.

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