We help corporate clients charged with talent development for their organizations. Specially, we provide the Everything DiSC® personal and team assessment tools published by John H. Wiley and Sons to our clients.

Since 2001, we have partnered with small to large corporate clients across multiple industries, including banking, technology, communications, health care, etc. We use our personal, career corporate experiences in the telecommunication industry to connect with client needs and build customized solutions that are right-sized for each client. Also, we offer clients flexible purchasing options to meet the needs of small to large training programs and initiatives.

The Everything DiSC® family of products are web-based, self-assessment learning tools and facilitated course content that help team members work together more effectively yielding a positive work climate and better team results. Team members gain a heightened self-awareness of their tendencies yielding a more engaged, collaborative workforce. Our tools are web-based and can support your team wherever they may be, remote, on-site, or across the globe.

Download a copy of our Mgmt Res Svcs _Capability Statement to learn more about our firm.