Management Resource Services, Inc. successfully facilitated sessions with our executive staff to develop our change management initiative. With their guidance, we were able to sort through issues, prioritize our goals and define strategic directives. L. J. Rice, President and CEO, Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.


I had the opportunity to work with Management Resource Services, Inc. Our management and staff employees left the session with a better understanding of how their own behaviors impact the work environment and learned new skills to improve teamwork.I received excellent feedback regarding the facilitators level of knowledge and professionalism, including the engaging facilitation style. Also, I found it very easy to work with them during the planning stage of the project. They were very flexible in adjusting to our needs. The program was a great success and we would not hesitate to bring MRS back to present future courses. L. Media, Training Officer, U.S. Department of Energy


The two things I appreciated most about MRS’s [communications] seminar were that 1) it was very organized and well planned and 2) at the same time the facilitator was very sensitive to the needs of her audience. Her presentation was flexible enough to spend time on the topics that mattered most to our particular group…J. A. Perrino, Assistant Vice President of Sales, Opta Food Ingredients, Inc.

Management Resource Services has been a presenter for the DuPage Administrators’ Academy for the past three years.MRS has provided numerous professional development programs for the DuPage Regional Office of Education and school districts in DuPage County. The facilitators’ knowledge and expertise, enthusiasm, and perfect balance of theory and practice make them outstanding presenters and facilitators. MRS evaluations are always excellent. Facilitators are seasoned, charismatic, ethical presenters who use only the most powerful staff development content, learning processes, and organizational structures to support the application of learning. D.J. Ruscitti, Regional Superintendents of Schools, DuPage County