Facilitation Kits

Professionally designed scripted course materials can be purchased to support training for each profile. These easy-to-use facilitation tools include modular designed scripted content, contemporary video, and skill-building activities that can be customized to meet the specific and remote needs of your organization. They are designed to fit in a virtual or in-person classroom setting.
As an added bonus, the Everything DiSC Facilitation Kits include updated content over time, adding more value for existing kit owners. All registered kit owners are eligible to download the product updates at no additional charge.

EPIC Account Administration and EPIC Credits

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EPIC Administration

Do you prefer to manage your assessments within your organization? We can help you do this through our Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC) Sub-Account platform. EPIC is the platform that supports our assessments and allows our clients to manage the varied tasks associated with administering assessments to classroom learners. Whether you need to generate access codes for online assessments, monitor profile completion, or manage and print reports, EPIC is the place to go.

We can set the account up and provide training to your designated in-house administrators to get you started. You control what assessments are added to the account and can replenish EPIC Credits (the currency for purchasing DiSC assessments) in your account anytime by simply emailing us.


DiSC Certification – Course Overview

Everything DiSC® Certification offers client training practitioners the DiSC knowledge and research to create impactful training sessions that have a lasting impact on individual and organizational performance. Your trainers will have the opportunity to learn directly from Wiley’s expert DiSC trainers.

In this two-week course combining live, instructor-led sessions with self-guided online learning, participants will build their confidence and expertise in delivering impactful DiSC learning experiences that help people work better together. Upon successful completion of the course work (including a score of 80% or above on the final Certification exam), participants will earn the credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner—signaling proven competence in shaping a high-performing, collaborative work culture. All certification courses are taught virtually.